e shtunë, 16 qershor 2007

Fathers Day Weekend

I'm back...unofficially at least. It's Fathers Day weekend and it's been great so far. Friday night we took advantage of Parents Night Out at church, and today was a great day spent with my kiddos. We definitely had a highlight today - Carter took his first airplane ride. He's been begging to go for months, so today was the day. Actually, I've been wanting to go just as bad as he has, so he was a good excuse for me! We went up in a small yellow and red Piper. Carter and I sat in the back seat and had a blast.

I've attached a few pics of the experience. We were only up in the air for about 40 minutes, but he had a smile on the whole time. It's always great capturing and savoring those moments as a dad. He was so excited! We couldn't quite coax his older brother along for the ride, but we'll keep working on him. Carter now has new career aspirations - you guessed it - a pilot.