e mërkurë, 11 qershor 2008

The End of an Era

Tonight was the official end of a great era, also known as the 10 game T Ball season for the Bad News Bears. We ended it on a high note, spanking the Braves in a blowout. The past two weeks have had their share of highlights. Last week Carter was playing pitcher while Camden played first base. Carter made a play on a ground ball and subsequently turned around to throw a two (or three or four) hopper to Camden for an out. Anytime your son makes a good play you are proud, but when they're both involved in the same good play you tend to beam with joy. I know this sounds corny, but it was pretty special to see them be involved together in that. The chances for them to play together on the same team down the road will be fewer, so I cherished the moment. Tonight a similar play almost happened. Same scenario with Carter at second base this time. He made a great stop on a ball and threw to Camden who couldn't quite handle it. A close call, but no out.

I'll claim the unofficial T Ball Championship this year. For the year, Camden ended with four home runs (including one tonight), one of which was a grand salami. Carter led the league in batting and fielding percentage (for four year olds). They were unanimous selections to the All Star Game (unanimous because Brooke and I were the only voters) that I fictitiously made up. All in all, a great season. I'm very proud of my boys, not just because of their fine baseball skills, but for the boys that they are becoming. Case in point, a number of people have told me that Camden led prayer at the VBS opener Sunday night at Mayfair. They told me what a terrific job he did and how he jumped up to pray without hesitation. That, my friends, really makes me proud. I'll take that over a homer any day.
We've got a big weekend coming up, Cousin Cort's big wedding. The whole fam will be tuxed up and dressed up, so I'll have lots of pictures next week.