e diel, 27 prill 2008


Pretty quiet weekend around here...

Friday night was spent with friends at the Wallis' house for dinner. We had a great time there and enjoyed a great meal together while talking a little politics. It always humors me to hear everyone's opinions. Yesterday morning the Bears may have met their match with the Royals. Not sure of the final score, but I have a feeling they snuck by us. The Bash Brothers perhaps played their best game of the year so far though. Camden had two stand up triples after smoking the outfielders with a line drive and Carter hit the ball well too. One inning Camden was playing second and Carter was at short...pretty funny seeing them play next to each other on the dirt. Hope this will be the start of a great double-play combination for years to come!

Last night we went to Bridge Street to goof off. We ate at Red Robin, took a twirl on the carousel, and finished the night off with ice cream.

The week to come should be pretty busy. Caley's family birthday party is Saturday, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of cleaning up to do. For her birthday present, we're thinking of putting her in gymnastics or ballet...any suggestions?