e hënë, 12 maj 2008

Mothers Day Weekend

We had quite a busy Mothers Day Weekend...

It all started Friday night with our First Annual Make A Wish Gala. I am fortunate enough to serve on the local advisory board for the Make A Wish Foundation. As you may know, MAW grants wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. This typically includes a trip to Disney World or meeting their favorite celebrity. The Gala was a huge success...we raised over $75,000 for the night and had over 450 people in attendance at the new Westin Hotel. This will allow us to grant almost 15 new wishes. Brooke was my date hot date (she looked beautiful!) and helped me out with all of my duties for the night. We had Gene Stallings as our keynote speaker, and although I'm not a Bammer, he was extremely impressive. Thanks to my mom and dad for coming over to spend the night with the kids while we were out.

Saturday was a full day with the annual Johnson family reunion in the big city of Vernon, Alabama. Honestly, this is not my favorite thing in the world to do, but I know how much it means to Brooke's grandmother to have everyone there so that makes it worth it. We did have a good time...we played lots of baseball with the kids and even snuck in a little Guitar Hero on grandmother's 1955 TV. A long day, but a good day.

Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day. It's fair to say that Camden, Carter, & Caley have the best mommy in the whole wide world (I'm sure others reading this will have their own opinion). We enjoyed worship together and then spent the afternoon at home. Brooke got a gift card for Mothers Day (wow, I'm so creative) but then she got her big present that afternoon...a new trampoline! She's been begging for one so she could turn flips and practice her famous back handsprings. Actually, she's been begging for one so the kids would go in the backyard and leave her alone for a while! So in essence, yes, it was her present as well.

I spent hours putting the thing together...long after the kids went to bed. Who knows if it's actually put together right...guess we'll find out when one of the kids gets hurt. Good thing we only live 1/2 mile from the ER now.

Back to Mothers Day...I didn't get to share it with my Mom, but let it be known that she is loved very much. She and my grandmother were two of my pillars of faith growing up, and similar to Timothy as described by Paul in II Timothy, instilled their faith in me. I'll always be grateful for their example.