e martë, 29 korrik 2008

Stars Game

Last night Carter and I took a trip to the Stars game - he was the only one up for it so we went by ourselves. Carter has been asking to do the "Rocket Race" but is technically too young. I figured out a way to get him in and he ended up racing two big kids, twice his size. He was so excited because he got to go in the dugout with the players and he kept telling me how he was going to beat the big kids - the winner got a $10 gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods. When he lined up to race, everyone in the stands were cheering for him because he was so small...it was the funniest thing I've ever seen. See for yourselves...


I've never seen a kid so happy and proud of himself in my life...definitely a good memory I won't soon forget.

e diel, 15 qershor 2008

e mërkurë, 11 qershor 2008

The End of an Era

Tonight was the official end of a great era, also known as the 10 game T Ball season for the Bad News Bears. We ended it on a high note, spanking the Braves in a blowout. The past two weeks have had their share of highlights. Last week Carter was playing pitcher while Camden played first base. Carter made a play on a ground ball and subsequently turned around to throw a two (or three or four) hopper to Camden for an out. Anytime your son makes a good play you are proud, but when they're both involved in the same good play you tend to beam with joy. I know this sounds corny, but it was pretty special to see them be involved together in that. The chances for them to play together on the same team down the road will be fewer, so I cherished the moment. Tonight a similar play almost happened. Same scenario with Carter at second base this time. He made a great stop on a ball and threw to Camden who couldn't quite handle it. A close call, but no out.

I'll claim the unofficial T Ball Championship this year. For the year, Camden ended with four home runs (including one tonight), one of which was a grand salami. Carter led the league in batting and fielding percentage (for four year olds). They were unanimous selections to the All Star Game (unanimous because Brooke and I were the only voters) that I fictitiously made up. All in all, a great season. I'm very proud of my boys, not just because of their fine baseball skills, but for the boys that they are becoming. Case in point, a number of people have told me that Camden led prayer at the VBS opener Sunday night at Mayfair. They told me what a terrific job he did and how he jumped up to pray without hesitation. That, my friends, really makes me proud. I'll take that over a homer any day.
We've got a big weekend coming up, Cousin Cort's big wedding. The whole fam will be tuxed up and dressed up, so I'll have lots of pictures next week.

e hënë, 12 maj 2008

Mothers Day Weekend

We had quite a busy Mothers Day Weekend...

It all started Friday night with our First Annual Make A Wish Gala. I am fortunate enough to serve on the local advisory board for the Make A Wish Foundation. As you may know, MAW grants wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. This typically includes a trip to Disney World or meeting their favorite celebrity. The Gala was a huge success...we raised over $75,000 for the night and had over 450 people in attendance at the new Westin Hotel. This will allow us to grant almost 15 new wishes. Brooke was my date hot date (she looked beautiful!) and helped me out with all of my duties for the night. We had Gene Stallings as our keynote speaker, and although I'm not a Bammer, he was extremely impressive. Thanks to my mom and dad for coming over to spend the night with the kids while we were out.

Saturday was a full day with the annual Johnson family reunion in the big city of Vernon, Alabama. Honestly, this is not my favorite thing in the world to do, but I know how much it means to Brooke's grandmother to have everyone there so that makes it worth it. We did have a good time...we played lots of baseball with the kids and even snuck in a little Guitar Hero on grandmother's 1955 TV. A long day, but a good day.

Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day. It's fair to say that Camden, Carter, & Caley have the best mommy in the whole wide world (I'm sure others reading this will have their own opinion). We enjoyed worship together and then spent the afternoon at home. Brooke got a gift card for Mothers Day (wow, I'm so creative) but then she got her big present that afternoon...a new trampoline! She's been begging for one so she could turn flips and practice her famous back handsprings. Actually, she's been begging for one so the kids would go in the backyard and leave her alone for a while! So in essence, yes, it was her present as well.

I spent hours putting the thing together...long after the kids went to bed. Who knows if it's actually put together right...guess we'll find out when one of the kids gets hurt. Good thing we only live 1/2 mile from the ER now.

Back to Mothers Day...I didn't get to share it with my Mom, but let it be known that she is loved very much. She and my grandmother were two of my pillars of faith growing up, and similar to Timothy as described by Paul in II Timothy, instilled their faith in me. I'll always be grateful for their example.

e diel, 27 prill 2008


Pretty quiet weekend around here...

Friday night was spent with friends at the Wallis' house for dinner. We had a great time there and enjoyed a great meal together while talking a little politics. It always humors me to hear everyone's opinions. Yesterday morning the Bears may have met their match with the Royals. Not sure of the final score, but I have a feeling they snuck by us. The Bash Brothers perhaps played their best game of the year so far though. Camden had two stand up triples after smoking the outfielders with a line drive and Carter hit the ball well too. One inning Camden was playing second and Carter was at short...pretty funny seeing them play next to each other on the dirt. Hope this will be the start of a great double-play combination for years to come!

Last night we went to Bridge Street to goof off. We ate at Red Robin, took a twirl on the carousel, and finished the night off with ice cream.

The week to come should be pretty busy. Caley's family birthday party is Saturday, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of cleaning up to do. For her birthday present, we're thinking of putting her in gymnastics or ballet...any suggestions?

e enjte, 24 prill 2008

3-0...Other News of Note

No pics from tonight's game, but the Bears pulled out another victory. The Busby Bash Brothers both played a great game tonight. Carter got the game ball for his efforts at the plate tonight.

In other news around the house, we took the plunge last week and bought Guitar Hero III for PS2. I pawned it off as being for the kids, but if the truth be told, I really wanted it too. I'm not, nor have I ever been, a big video game fan. This, however, rocks! As usual, Brooke is much better than me, but I'll keep practicing.

Should be a pretty calm weekend...looks like we're in for plenty of rain. We've got a game scheduled Saturday morning, but we may get washed out. Friday night is our monthly Welcome Home Dinner with friends from church. This is a great time to get together with friends and hang out. We're looking forward to that.

Saw today where the tax rebates should be on their way shortly. I've got plans to sock away for Christmas and vacation. Anybody have big plans for their money?

Brooke and I have been trying to spend more time in the Word. We've made a commitment to read the Bible to the kids each night. We're also trying to spend more time alone in Scripture as well. I know this will pay big dividends for our family.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

e enjte, 17 prill 2008

Chalk Another One Up...

The Bad News Bears are 2-0 for the season. We pulled out a hard fought victory versus the Red Sox tonight with an 18-14 nailbiter. Not the best game for the Bash Brothers (aka Camden & Carter), but Carter did come up with a crucial ribbie in the 3rd inning. It's funny stuff watching these kids play!

In other matters, Brooke will be heading to Birmingham for her cuz's lingerie shower on Saturday, so I'll be on Official Dad Duty. We'll find lots of cool stuff to do and lots of junk food to eat.

I've recently started "training" for the Cotton Row Run, the Memorial Day 10K in Huntsville. Brooke and I ran it last year and had a blast. If you've ever thought about doing something like this, it's tons of fun so you should sign up. Just google Cotton Row Run Huntsville.

Now when I say training, I mean running once a week...nothing serious. I ran the entire course on Wednesday morning at 5:30 and could barely walk the rest of the day...it's official; I'm getting old. For those of you who believe in accountability, my goal for the race is to break 50 minutes...we'll see.

Hope everyone has a great week.

e enjte, 10 prill 2008

Baseball Season is Upon Us...

It's T-Ball Season in the Busby house...Camden & Carter had their first game of the season tonight against the mighty Indians. The Bad News Bears (yes, we're the BNB), however, took them down with ease. T Ball may be one of the purest forms of fun a parent can have watching their child. I'm helping my good buddy John Stephens coach this year and we're having a blast so far. We've got a great group of kids. The Busby Boys (aka the Bash Brothers) were stroking the ball tonight and also made some great plays in the field. Owen Stephens was like a vacuum cleaner at first base as well. We actually made 6 or 7 outs during the game...it's pretty rare to make one at this age.

This is Camden's favorite (and best) sport. He seems to have a natural knack for it. I must admit that I was a little worried about Carter "playing" up with some kids a little older than him, but he's more than held his own. He's improved a ton in the past month and is going to turn out just fine. They both played well tonight and had a blast.

I'll keep you posted as we move through the season, but for now we are atop the standings and have no plans of giving up first place. Go Bears!

e enjte, 20 mars 2008


I've been a little slack in posting lately. We returned from Baja last Wednesday night...a great trip but always glad to be back home with my fam. I can't begin to tell you how great an experience it was to have my dad with me on the trip. I know that he really enjoyed it and looks forward to going back again. I spent most of the three days on a roof with my friends Michael, Tim, Luke, & Ryan. At one point, Ryan Cagle had to tie Tim & I off with a rope just so we could walk the tin we were putting on the roof. His comment as he was getting us ready..."if you don't know a knot, tie a lot". We felt really confident after that! The knots held up though, as Tim and I both would have ended up in Mexican hospitals without them.

On the homefront, we are planning to move next Tuesday. Our current house is in shambles with boxes and miscellaneous stuff stewn everywhere. I hate moving! We're excited about being back closer to downtown though. Camden & Carter have both started the tball season. They love baseball, especially Camden. The other night he went and found my glove and took me out for us to throw together. We probably threw for an hour...he loved it, and I did too! It's the kind of moments that you look forward to when they're screaming three month olds. Special times and good memories I'll never forget.

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great Easter...

e hënë, 3 mars 2008

Baja Bound

This Friday I'll be leaving for my annual pilgrimmage to the Baja. Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest highlights of my year. I look forward to this trip from the time I get back home from the last one. There's something about the people in Baja that really touch my heart deep down. Their spirits transcend simple happiness, for happiness is dictated by circumstances. As Americans, we would not typically consider their circumstances something to be "happy" about. Their spirits exude joy...I think that in the last four years or so I have learned more about the word joy from these sweet people than from any other place. Their smiles, laughter, faithfulness, and love for the Lord encourage me. I look forward to seeing my Baja brethren that I've now seen six or seven times...the bonds grow deeper with each trip.

I am particularly excited about this trip because, as I mentioned in my last post, my dad will be joining me. It's exciting to share your love for a ministry with someone who's never experienced it before. We'll be doing a lot of construction while we're there, and that's right up his alley. You'd never know I was his son by my lack of carpentry skills. I fall far short of being like Christ when it comes to woodworking. I will, however, take a stab and driving a nail or two while we're there.

Me and My Parents

I ask that you pray for our trip. Pray for our safety, but more importantly, pray that God's kingdom will grow through this work. I have no idea what God has in store with our team, but I do know that His ways are much higher than our ways (Isaiah 55: 8-9). It's fun to sit back at the end of the day and see how He has worked. Until next time...God bless.

e diel, 24 shkurt 2008

I'm Back...

Well, it's only been 7 months since my last post. The chance that anyone actually navigates back to read this is slim to none. Things are a little hectic right now. We sold our house last weekend and are starting to pack up for our move. We're moving back over the mountain to Blossomwood. I am very thankful as this will put me about 3 minutes from my office. This should give me more time at home, which I cherish. A picture of the new house is below. In the meantime, we're leaving on our trip to Baja on March 7th. I can't tell you how excited I am about this trip. A couple of reasons...first, the people there always steal my heart. The joy they exuberate brings a warmth to my soul. Second, my dad is joining me on the trip. I'm so excited to serve side by side with him. At home, things are pretty good. Camden has been having some trouble with leaving us and going to school each day. This has been a source of stress for all of us, but this too shall pass. Carter and Caley are doing well...it's amazing how all three are getting so big. I'm so proud of each of them. Molly, our 3 month old golden retriever, continues to terrorize the house, but she's been a blessing as well. We wrap up basketball this coming Saturday. We've had a fun season and the boys have both enjoyed it. T-Ball season is fast approaching! That's it for now...I promise to be more faithful in my posting, so check back soon for more. Until then, have a blessed week.