e hënë, 19 mars 2007

Latest Update/Baja Bound

Has it really been almost a month since I've posted anything? Life has been a little hectic lately, with no signs of slowing down much anytime soon. Here's the latest update...Camden wrapped up basketball season and is gearing up for his first season of T-Ball. I think the little guy's a natural center fielder. He's doing great with catching the ball and his arm is getting much better as well. He seems to love it so far, so we'll see if it lasts. Carter is ready for soccer (he's begging to play), but unfortunately, it doesn't start until the Fall. Until then, he got a pair of cleats so he could keep up with Big Brother. Caley, our beautiful resident Drama Queen, is holding her own in the house. She's getting big and has big aspirations of "go potty" right now.

As for Brooke, she's hit a bump in the road with her running. A little over a week ago, she did 16 miles. Incredible! All this running, however, has taken its toll. Looks like she may have a stress fracture. The doc told her to stay off for a week, and it hasn't gotten any better yet. She may have it scanned tomorrow to find out for sure. I know how disappointed she'll be if she doesn't get to run the marathon, but her discipline and hard work are accomplishment enough for me. I'm extremely proud of her for how well she's done.

Me...works been chaotic lately, but a reprieve is near. I'll be leaving Thursday with our group to head to Baja. I think this will be my 6th trip, and it never seems to get old. This trip should be an interesting one. I'm excited about our team (although I'll miss my faithful sidekick Brooke on this one) and the opportunities for so many first-timers to go. It's always a blessing to see how this work touches them so much. After multiple trips, I don't so much care about the construction or building or working as I do about loving on the brothers and sisters of the church in Baja. The circumstances that they endure every day (after we've gone home to our comfortable lives) are tough to describe, and I hope that our presence is a drop of encouragement to them. One day, we'll all be together, where there are no dirt floors for beds or families worrying about how they will feed their children.

Please pray for our trip...for our safety and for the church in Baja to be encouraged. May Jesus be seen through the work that is done this weekend.

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Kenny Simpson tha...

Glad to see you back. Hope Brooke feels better.

Jamey tha...

We hope Brooke is better too. That's too much hard work for her not to get to run in the end.

Stacy tha...

It's June...Post something!!!! :)