e hënë, 3 mars 2008

Baja Bound

This Friday I'll be leaving for my annual pilgrimmage to the Baja. Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest highlights of my year. I look forward to this trip from the time I get back home from the last one. There's something about the people in Baja that really touch my heart deep down. Their spirits transcend simple happiness, for happiness is dictated by circumstances. As Americans, we would not typically consider their circumstances something to be "happy" about. Their spirits exude joy...I think that in the last four years or so I have learned more about the word joy from these sweet people than from any other place. Their smiles, laughter, faithfulness, and love for the Lord encourage me. I look forward to seeing my Baja brethren that I've now seen six or seven times...the bonds grow deeper with each trip.

I am particularly excited about this trip because, as I mentioned in my last post, my dad will be joining me. It's exciting to share your love for a ministry with someone who's never experienced it before. We'll be doing a lot of construction while we're there, and that's right up his alley. You'd never know I was his son by my lack of carpentry skills. I fall far short of being like Christ when it comes to woodworking. I will, however, take a stab and driving a nail or two while we're there.

Me and My Parents

I ask that you pray for our trip. Pray for our safety, but more importantly, pray that God's kingdom will grow through this work. I have no idea what God has in store with our team, but I do know that His ways are much higher than our ways (Isaiah 55: 8-9). It's fun to sit back at the end of the day and see how He has worked. Until next time...God bless.

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Sunny tha...

We will all be praying for your trip. That is awesome that you get to go with your dad! I hear that Friday's travel will be long! I hope that you guys are able to get a good night's rest in before traveling further down the Baja!

Brooke tha...

We will miss you like crazy!!

Jacob tha...

first of all, you will be missed at huddles. have fun in baja with your dad. i know without a doubt that you will make him happy, but more importantly God happy.
there is a new ministry thing that im wanting to start up, getting the huddle leaders to help would be great, so next time i see you lets talk about it.

Jacob tha...

sorry to comment again.
umm you should have told me this earlier, haha (its not your fault. i was off this week, well monday, tuesday, and friday. we could have done it this week, unless you leave late enough friday that we could somehow plan it then. but because i live out in the middle of nowhere, well not anywhere close to you, it will kind of be hard, because i cant drive and my brother probably wont take me. (i have to be at school at 730).
the only thing i could suggest is either spring break, or maybe planning somehting where we could hook up early on saturday, or maybe sunday and i could go to church with you.
i dont know if you have plans for spring break, but that may not work out. so we might have to do it on the weekend sometime. but i am definately game for it, so next time i see you i'll talk to you about it and we will figure somethihng out.


I hope that it's a great trip! Take care of my "hubbie" for me. :) You better bring him back safely...I can't do it alone around here...that's for sure. :) We'll miss ya'll.

Jacob tha...

hey man, how did baja go? havent seen you in a while