e enjte, 10 prill 2008

Baseball Season is Upon Us...

It's T-Ball Season in the Busby house...Camden & Carter had their first game of the season tonight against the mighty Indians. The Bad News Bears (yes, we're the BNB), however, took them down with ease. T Ball may be one of the purest forms of fun a parent can have watching their child. I'm helping my good buddy John Stephens coach this year and we're having a blast so far. We've got a great group of kids. The Busby Boys (aka the Bash Brothers) were stroking the ball tonight and also made some great plays in the field. Owen Stephens was like a vacuum cleaner at first base as well. We actually made 6 or 7 outs during the game...it's pretty rare to make one at this age.

This is Camden's favorite (and best) sport. He seems to have a natural knack for it. I must admit that I was a little worried about Carter "playing" up with some kids a little older than him, but he's more than held his own. He's improved a ton in the past month and is going to turn out just fine. They both played well tonight and had a blast.

I'll keep you posted as we move through the season, but for now we are atop the standings and have no plans of giving up first place. Go Bears!

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Sunny tha...

Such fun! I love the looks of determination in Carter's and Camden's faces as they are getting ready to hit the ball. Jason had a blast playing with the kids last night. He said that Caley was hilarious!